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My name is Erminia Licchelli and, from the age of 13, I have been a part of the structure set up by my father Tonino and my mother Bice. Today I enjoy the help of brother Dino, my sister-in-law Alessandra and my family also give me a hand, subject to their other commitments.
The strong point of the Camping Santa Maria di Leuca is its staff, a great family that I am honoured to guide and we all go out of our way to meet the needs of the guests. So when you arrive at the reception, you can find Francesca, Simona or Isabella who will welcome you, giving you all the information about the village, timetables, services, itineraries and places to visit.
When you go to the Bar for breakfast or a coffee or a drink you will find Davide, Cristina and Luca. When you decide to have lunch or dinner in our restaurant, Agnese, Ivan and Mauro will welcome you and offer dishes expertly prepared by our expert chef Barbara. When you go to buy something at the Minimarket, you will find Elisabetta our grocer.
Every morning you will surely cross near the toilets or the living units our team of little maidens, our fantastic four: Clotilde, Draguta, Vincenza and Caterina who clean up and put everything in order with care and attention, and if there is still broken, here is Rocco our super-maintainer.
In the pool you will find Salvatore to keep the water clear, to offer you a sunbed on which to lie down and they watch so that nobody gets hurt.
Last but not least, you will be entertained by Paulone and his entertainment staff. They are all prepared to go that extra mile for our guests and work with great passion and enthusiasm.