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Restaurant, Bar & Market

Between the countryside and the sea is not only the location of Camping Santa Maria di Leuca but also the inspiration of the gastronomic offer of the “Village Kitchen” which is rich in elements of the rural tradition, serving seafood specialities of Capo di Leuca, good fish cooked according to the simple and typical recipes of the fishermen of Leuca, or, if you prefer, a range of meats are on offer, accompanied by fresh vegetables, olive oil and home made sauces. Local wines and beers are available to wash down this wonderful food.

A genuine cuisine rich in flavors that finds its apotheosis in the dinner salentina once a week offers guests the opportunity to enjoy a buffet of innumerable dishes of typical dishes of our tradition: delights that satisfy first sight and smell, immediately after the taste with an explosion of flavors and emotions now unavoidable for many of our guests (comments taken from Tripadvisor reviews). Also available are good pizza and take-away dishes. It is a kitchen that is careful to meet the needs arising from the various types of food intolerances and / or choices.

The bar and the mini-market then complete the offer of everything that our guests may need throughout the day from breakfast with excellent bread and fresh milk, excellent hot croissants or the typical “pasticciotti leccesi”, to continue with snacks based on focaccia, olive and simeddhe or the excellent sandwiches stuffed by our grocer not to mention the classic “Rustic Leccesi”.

An extremely fresh alternative to the classic lunch or dinner can be a simple “Frisa” that can be tasted in various ways: the classic one, after having wetted it in the preferred way, is seasoned with olive oil, salt, fresh tomatoes and basil; water and salt, crumbles roughly in a holster and pour over a mixture prepared at least two hours before and kept in the fridge to refrigerate with fresh pomotorini, comomero, fresh onion, pepper, basil, oil, salt and water. Guests who prefer to cater for themselves are welcome to do so, and the chalets are equipped with plates, cutlery, gas rings, a refrigerator and a sink.

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